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Clarity: How Popular Culture is Misleading You About Successful Wealth Planning and What to Do About It offers a formula for Wealth Planning Success. 

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About Clarity

The financial media and popular culture can confuse the critical truths surrounding personal wealth planning and investing and distract many people from the real issues that will impact their long-term financial success. As a result, many Americans neglect the wealth planning process and miss out on the opportunity to achieve financial peace of mind.

Clarity: How Popular Culture Is Misleading You About Successful Wealth Planning and What to Do About It is an exploration of the misinformation and mistaken beliefs about investing that many people have been taught to believe by popular culture and “Common Wisdom.” Many people believe in the perception that investing and wealth planning are extremely complex topics that they are ill-equipped to tackle. The book will explore the 8 “pillars” of a simple, yet successful wealth planning approach that anyone can implement. The goal of the book is to help readers to break through the perception that markets are too complex and to instead gain the necessary clarity and confidence to implement a successful wealth plan.

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Meet Erik

Erik has been helping families and investors find Clarity for the wealth for over 25 years. After beginning his career in two premier Wall Street firms, he founded a private boutique wealth management firm called Concentus Wealth Advisors. He believed the best way to maximize transparency, and eliminate conflicts of interest was to start his own independent firm to manage the wealth of a select group of successful clients. 

Erik is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and Chartered Financial Consultant. Erik is also the author of Empowered Values: Planning your Wealth Around your Family’s Core Values.

Erik is passionate about helping families to cut through the confusion, complexity, and fear that they feel about investing and wealth planning, so that they can gain a sense of clarity and confidence within the wealth planning process. His latest book is an extension of this mission.

He began writing his second book because he continued to see people still making bad decisions with their money that hurt their ability to have long-term financial success...    

"During my career, I have seen so many people fall prey to the common wisdom that investing is a complex, confusing, scary, and mysterious art that they are ill- equipped to tackle. I wrote this book to help clear the fog about wealth planning and to help readers find clarity in their pursuit of long-term financial success. Because we don’t teach financial literacy in this country, so many people are misinformed about this topic and harbor beliefs about investing that just aren’t true.  My mission is to help provide real education about the realities of the markets.”

- Erik Strid, CFP®, ChFC
Founding Principal
Concentus Wealth Advisors

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